The Sky Has A Limit - Airports, Air Travel and Climate Change (Brussels, November 30 December 2 2004)

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Click on the links below for the conference report and key actions resulting from the conference.

MS Word Docs:

Overview of the action of Friends of the Earth France in the field of air transport


PowerPoint Presentations:

Airplane Technology Presentation - Jos Dings

Aviation and climate change (Commission activities and policy statements relating to the use of economic instruments) - Niels Ladefoged DG Environment, European Commission

EU Activities in the Field of Aviation Noise - Ronny Rohart (European Commission)


PDF Presentation:

Climate Policy in the European Union A brief overview on EU-wide policies and measures: Matthias Duwe Climate Action Network Europe (http://www.



Make the EU act on aviation and environment. Write your personal letter to the EU now! See the guidance notes below.


To find out who is your MEP, please click here:



 Full Report of the Conference (PDF File)

 Guidance notes for writing to the EU (PDF file)

  Dutch version available here




Conference Photo (Right Click and choose "Save As" to save a full size image to your computer)



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