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Commission Wants To increase (regional) Airport Capacity - (Added 1st November 2005)

The EU once again offers us the possibility to write them a letter!

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Measuring Noise - (Added 1st November 2005)

Several organizations measuring (aircraft) noise have opened a web portal to promote their activities.

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Night Flights Pack For MEPs - (Added 1st November 2005)

On September 20th 2005 UECNA presented it's Night Flights Pack to 40 MEPs, assistants and journalists. The pack contains 3 UECNA/Greenskies briefing sheets on night flights in the EU.

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GreenSkies announces launch of (article in ACI Journal) - (Added 5th August 2005)

GreenSkies launches

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Flight International coverage of GreenSkies at ECAC/EU Dialogue in Edinburgh - (Added 3rd May 2005)

Influential group to target company travel budgets

An environmental group with influence in the European Commission and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) is planning to launch a campaign in the third quarter of this year to persuade major companies to scale back air travel by their employees.


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Protest at Schipol - (Added 4th April 2005)

Clean Air Now!

Protest at Schipol Airport in Amsterdam about air pollution.

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UK 'failing on greenhouse gases' - (Added 10th December 2004)

The UK is set to miss a key target on cutting greenhouse gases, Tony Blair has admitted. The prime minister said the UK was not expected to meet its pledge to cut carbon dioxide emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2010. But significantly, emissions from aviation are excluded from these targets. If they were included, the UK's performance would be seen to be worse. Emissions from aircraft are set to nearly double by 2010 compared with 1990 levels.

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GreenSkies Press Release - Europe wins battle of the skies at UN ICAO - (Added 20th October 2004)

Press Release - for immediate use 1Oth October 2004
US anti-climate change action campaign halted by strong UK, Dutch and collective EU/Europe-wide pressure
The 35th triennial UN ICAO Assembly in Montreal ended Friday 8th October 2004 by agreeing a complex resolution that allows Europe a mandate to impose a tough, comprehensive environmental protection regime for air transport that could include taxing aviation fuel, en-route emissions charges and a mandatory emissions trading scheme throughout its member states. These fiscal measures would be aimed at controlling and reducing the growing climate change impacts of aircraft exhaust emissions by internalising the external costs of climate change, effectively adding a climate change levy in one form or another to airline ticket prices.

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UK Government reaction to Assembly outcome on market-based options - (Added 20th October 2004)

Department for Transport News Release 2004/0127: (8th October 2004)
Outcome of ICAO Assembly on Environmental Matters

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Pollution charges loom - (Added 20th October 2004)

Flight International (19-25 October 2004)
by David Learmount

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